Der Blinde Junge

The dam Bellona
her eyeless offspring
upon the pavements of Vienna
Sparkling precipitate
the spectral day
the visionless obstacle
this slow blind face
pushing its virginal nonentity
against the light
Pure purposeless eremite
of centripetal sentience
Upon the carnose horologe of the ego
the vibrant tendon index moves not
since the black lightening desecrated
the retinal altar
Void and extinct
this planet of the soul
strains from the craving throat
in static flight upslanting
A downy youth's snout
nozzling the sun
drowned in dumfounded instinct
illuminati of the coloured earth
How this expressionless "thing"
blows out damnation and concussive dark
Upon a mouth-organ

~Mina Loy
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