"The Starry Sky" of Wyndham Lewis

who raised
these rocks of human mist
pyramidical survivors
in the cyclorama of space
In the
austere theatre of the Infinite
the ghosts of the stars
perform the "Presence"
Their celibate shadows
upon the aged radiance
of suns and moons
----- The nerves of Heaven
from the antennae
of the intellect
----- the rays
that pierce
the nocturnal heart
The airy eyes of angels
the sublime
experiment in pointillism
faded away
The celestial conservatories
blooming with light
are all blown out
Enviable immigrants
into the pure dimension
immune serene
devourers of the morning stars of Job
Jehovah's seven days
err in your silent entrails
of geometric Chimeras
The Nirvanic snows
drift ----- ----- -----
to sky worn images

~Mina Loy

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